Communication & Information Sector


Communication & Information Sector

“Artificial intelligence can be a great opportunity to accelerate the achievement of sustainable development goals.

But any technological revolution leads to new imbalances that we must anticipate.” Audrey Azoulay – UNESCO Director-General


This animation series was created as an introduction to a UNESCO programme: “AI and Digital Transformation Competencies for Civil Servants” and “Multistakeholder AI development for Inclusive Policy Design”.

Challenge 1

The primary challenge was simplifying their message and explaining why their programme is important and how it can effectively bring civil servants up to speed in the specific areas of digital competencies and artificial intelligence. This needed to be done in a style and tone tailored to effectively engage this particular audience.

For this, we hired a journalist with extensive experience with NGO programmes who is also skilled at writing scripts for voice overs.

Challenge 2

The second challenge was ensuring that the films could resonate with diverse audiences worldwide, as they would be translated into Arabic, English, French, Spanish, Russian, and Chinese.

During the pre-production period, we anticipated issues related to the choice of character gender or ethnicity for representation.

At first, we considered proposing a style to UNESCO based solely on face elements, objects, or landscapes from photos. However, we found this concept insufficient for effectively conveying the script’s message. So, we introduced an animal character—specifically, meerkats. After thorough discussions at UNESCO to ensure no one found the choice of meerkats offensive, we received approval to move forward with this choice.



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Sibal Prateek | Programme Specialist, Digital Innovation and Transformation | UNESCO Paris

Completed work on time: They start with a clear plan of deliverables, review process and kept our team updated as the products were being developed. The work was delivered in a timely manner and as per the agreed timelines.

Delivered good-quality of works: They produced high quality creative outputs that were adapted to our needs.

Understood, considered, and adjusted to the project context and its operating environment: Given the internal processes for approval and review, we had to request an updated schedule for the delivery of the products. They understood the needs and provided an adapted timeline for the delivery of the products.

Responded sensitively to project staff, stakeholders, etc., and applied discretion in choosing words and methods of response: The creative products developed took into account the diverse audience for the products and the sensitivities with respect to cultural, gender representation. They are thorough professionals and responded sensitively to project staff.

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