SDGs Localization


SDGs Localization

The SDGs Localization Programme strives to elevate the quality of life for all.

However, the definition of “quality of life” varies among individuals.


UNDP is the United Nations Development Programme. 

As the United Nations lead agency on international development, their mission is working in 170 countries and territories to combat poverty and reduce inequalities.

SDG localization is the process of transforming the SDGs (the 17 Sustainable Development Goals) into reality at the local level, in coherence with the national frameworks and in line with communities’ priorities.

the Challenge

UNDP Thailand needed a film to introduce their SDGs Localization Programme across its 76 provinces. Since the general Thai public is unfamiliar with the SDGs and how they can accelerate community development, Lalicorn proposed an animated film exploring the definition of ‘A Better Life’ for all showcasing the 17 SDGs.

The film follows the story of Jan, a schoolgirl from a rural community. Its open-ended conclusion encourages audiences to consider what ‘A Better Life’ might mean for diverse groups, including those with disabilities, ethnic minorities, the elderly, and non-binary individuals. This approach helps viewers understand the interconnectedness of issues and how localizing the SDGs can create positive change. By extension, the audience can also reflect on what it would mean in their personal case.


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