3D Parallax Films

Reunion Island Tourism (IRT) continues promoting the destination with the production of a short film series from stills in 3D parallax, 3D and SFxs effects.

Through a digital strategy the IRT aims to place the island among the most trendy ecotourism travel destinations.


The brief was to give life to stills from a previous campaign by animating them as if they were videos + a mandatory use of the IRT logo elements to illustrate the 4 themes of the island.


We proposed to use the 3D parallax principles to create depth and life to the visuals. The work would transform them into video objects with a bullet time style. We also suggested adding SFx such as bubbles, sun rays, water surface reflections, moving clouds, mist… to add a variable time-lapse impression.

To integrate the logo elements of OCEAN, LAND, VOLCANO and SUN, we designed them in bold colored moving shapes, according to the themes of the visuals, as shown above with the WHALE video that includes the VOLCANO + OCEAN themes.


The main challenge was the material we were given to work with: merged visuals. It became quickly clear that it was impossible to use them as we needed the different elements with a high definition on separate layers to create the desired effect.

We recreated each visual from scratch by researching one by one the original or new elements in a sufficient definition. Then we recreated the compositing with a comparable mood and lighting. This was a long and tedious process. The visuals are composites with as many as 6 to 10 different main picture elements.


Once the storyboard was approved, we started the work on the animations, the SFx and the motion of the graphics. We used 3D (Cinema4D) as in the WHALE, the VOLCANO, the PADDLE to make the camera movements more accurate.

Sound & Music

It quickly became obvious that to keep a natural and immersive feel, music was not appropriate. Instead, we created a light atmospheric composition.

These films are available in a 1:1 format on the Facebook and Instagram of the Reunion Island (584K followers) as well as on Twitter and LinkedIn. A vertical 9:16 format (CANES film) for special advertising displays was also edited and an augmented reality New Year 2020 card (VOLCANO film).


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