3D AR Experience


3D AR Experience

The present App and 3D augmented reality experience are the result of a Perrier cancelled job during the Covid19 pandemic.

At LALICORN we are all time fans of the Japanese artist Murakami. And of course of the famous Perrier brand communication style.

We were stuck home. So we decided to do it anyway, with the help of Murakami fans, to kind of conjure the situation with water bubbles and beloved kawai characters Kaikai and Kiki .


The core idea revolves around Murakami flowers bursting out on the opening of a Perrier can / bottle, and a pool forming from which they grow and bloom.

We tried to be as accurate as possible so as to respect the artist’s works by using the many available existing visuals online, especially the sculptures the artist made in the past using flowers on stems.


THE APP and AR experience

We designed a mobile app to showcase the Perrier X Murakami visuals as well as our 3D AR animations.  The theme is that of Perrier’s Global PERRIER X MURAKAMI.

On the home page, a unique button triggers different AR experiences, according to the target.


The main 3D AR animation is triggered by a coaster. It features the cute film made by Murakami studio for the occasion. It can be played by interacting directly with the 3D AR model.

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Secondary AR animations are triggered by the product themselves (the cans of Perrier). These animations display a description of the product and a voice over.

The app includes a section proposing a variety of Perrier Mocktails leading to individual pages with the recipes. It’s possible to take snapshots and video within the app itself which makes the experience easy to share online on social media.


Putting a coaster in front of the phone launches the main animation.


Putting a Perrier can in front of the phone launches the short animations around the actual Perrier cans with a voice over describing the product.

Perrier cans

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