Demystifying Electric Cars


Demystifying Electric Cars

Nissan recently launched its new electric vehicle, the “Nissan Leaf” onto the Asian market.

AFP-Services in partnership with LALICORN created a series of videos to gauge the knowledge of two influencers, Tim Jarvis and Naya Ehrlich-Adam. Both are well known for their environmental concerns.


We were initially approached with AFP-Services by Nissan Asia-Pacific to make a series of 4 educational videos. These were to be used across seven Asian countries for the launch of Nissans new electric car.

Each video focuses on a specific aspect of the car: charging, range, driving and the ownership experience (practicality and maintenance). The objective was to highlight the vehicle’s remarkable characteristics.

We also released short teasers for their social media campaign.

Naya Ehrlich-Adam and Tim Jarvis


Originally Nissan gave us very vague guidelines so we needed to test different ideas before making decisions. The only thing they were firm on was the “fact or fiction” concept.

We agreed on a quiz format when writing the script. This would include two environmental key opinion leaders (KOLs) to be challenged during a “fact or fiction” session about electric cars. We would then check the car itself out on the ground with them to see how it matched up.

The shoot took place in 2018 on the main campus of the King Mongkut University (otherwise known as KMU) in Bangkok. This is the most prestigious engineering school in Thailand. It is also equipped with an EV charging station and has good test driving facilities.

Environmental KOLs

Tim Jarvis is an explorer, adventurer, climber, author and documentary filmmaker. He has a Masters degree in environmental science and environmental law. His work is principally focused on sustainable aid provision to developing countries and improving corporate environmental sustainability. He is also involved in project management through his 25zero project. He is considered one of the world’s leading speakers.

Naya Ehrlich-Adam is a successful Thai business woman. She is an anti plastic pollution crusader taking the lead in her own chain of restaurants. She founded the sustainable food business Broccoli Revolution in Bangkok and is also behind the Monsoon chain of restaurants in Yangon and Ho Chi Minh City. Naya recently stopped providing plastic straws at all of her outlets. Customers can now choose a free natural ‘morning glory stem’ or buy their own glass, metal or bamboo straws.


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NISSAN LEAF – Charging

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NISSAN LEAF – Ownership

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Nissan news

NISSAN News / BANGKOK – “Our educational video series is aimed at creating better acceptance and adoption of electric vehicles by both individuals and societies in the region,” said Yutaka Sanada, regional senior vice president for Nissan Asia & Oceania. “By sharing the genuine interests of real-world individuals as they discover the ease and benefits of electric vehicles, we aim to debunk current misconceptions as well as inspire audiences for the future.”

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NISSAN LEAF – Behind the scene

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