GARNIER Ultra Doux

La Douceur Prend Corps

GARNIER Ultra Doux

La Douceur Prend Corps

With the launch of the ULTRA DOUX body care range, the No Site Agency (Paris) came up with the campaign concept of offering total strangers to try the product on each other.

LALICORN supervised the film direction and the performance of the 12
professional and amateur actors. An experimental online film about the
power of touch.


After the success of the series Dare your #Hairfie with Youtuber Andy, the NoSite agency in charge of the digital Garnier account in France, signed to create new innovative content for the Ultra DOUX brand.

Selected through the brand’s the social networks, 6 couples who had never met each other before are placed face to face with a single instruction – take the bottle of cream near them… and apply it on any part of the body of their partner.

After the surprise and the first contact, the emotions follow one another. From laughter to embarrassment to even more intense emotions… participants who did not know each other a few minutes ago, will spend an intimate moment out of time.


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Garnier Ultra Doux – La douceur prend corps


The film caught the eye of the American actor Ashton Kuchar who posted a very complimentary article on his A+ platform and Facebook page. The post generated 8800 likes and over 1500 shares in a few hours.

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