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What can we do for you?

Lalicorn operates hand in hand with their communication and marketing teams.

We assist by designing and organizing online communication strategies and by creating content. We also help disseminate these content online to audiences locally and globally.

We do: Branding, Creative Work, Performance Marketing, Ad Campaigns, Films, Texts, Photos, Compositing, Graphics, Motion design, 3D, FXs, Sound design, Podcasts, Books, Music, Data Generative, AR and  VR.

We offer: a range of international film directors, photographers and KOLs in Asia Pacific and on the 5 continents.

We are Lalicorn

Frédy BussEAU

Founding partner

Head of Production


Nathalie Barbé

Founding partner

Head of Content


+66 985 04 45 40

Chloe Azulay

Artistic Director


Every action counts

  • An Impact Planet Consultant supervises our company’s activities to reduce our film productions’ impact on the environment.
  • We work remotely when the production process allows it.
  • We embrace human diversity and do not discriminate regarding age, gender, sexual orientation, disability, religion or ethnicity.
  • We champion gender equality when choosing the members of a team for any project, we take the matter very seriously.
  • We try to reduce the Agency’s everyday impact on the environment. For example, we had the offices’ roofs painted with isolating and sun reflecting materials to reduce our use of AC, we recycle the Agency coffee pods, vegetable scraps and cardboard to make compost for the Agency’s planters and the surrounding street’s greens spaces. We use our own containers for food deliveries from the restaurant around the corner. We discourage buying bottled water by offering filtered refrigerated mineral tap water. We do not buy bottled soaps or any unnecessary plastic bottled items.

  • Lalicorn’s Partners do not own a personal cars since 2006 and choose public transport or to walk whenever possible.
  • We educate our recruits and talents by talking about it and explaining what we do and why we do it.